All of our work at the Akonadi Foundation is guided by our vision for a racially just society.  


We dream of a day when all people, including youth and adults of color, enjoy the right to self-determination. When all peoples are respected and all cultures celebrated.

When every community is safe, healthy and sustainable. A day when everyone has an opportunity to thrive.


In service of this vision, we have adopted a simple but ambitious mission: to support the development of a powerful social change movement to eliminate structural racism and create a racially just society.  

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Beloved Community Fund

Akonadi Foundation's monthly Beloved Community Fund supports cultural and art events in Oakland celebrating communities of color.

We are now accepting applications for 2015 events.


Beloved Community Fund Grant Recipients

Arc Toward Justice Fund

The goal of the Arc Toward Justice Fund is to achieve equity for youth of color ages 14-24 in Oakland.     LEARN MORE HERE 

2015 Arc Toward Justice Fund Grant Recipients

Racial Justice Poster Project

The Racial Justice Poster Project celebrates racial justice movement building in Oakland and around the world. Our 2015 Racial Justice Poster is "Write Back or Get Written Out" by Jessica Sabogal View and download poster HERE

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